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These are products we love, ones we use ourselves, and have recommended to thousands of our patients.

For decades we have trusted Xymogen to help your family and our family build good health. Sometimes we've gone outside their brand for products they don't make. Then Xymogen set up a sales platform, Wholescripts, on which they sell their products and products from over 100 high quality brands such as the great Dr. Mercola's supplements, Gaia Herbs, Herb Pharm, Jarrow, Jigsaw (electrolytes), and Life Extension.


Xymogen do not allow their products to be sold on Amazon or Ebay, so any found there could be counterfeit (talc in a nice label). 

Use Wholescripts as your primary herbal and supplement source.

and use this purchase code: NFP1220

Physician name: Murdoch

Buried Treasure
Liquid Nutrients

Screenshot_2022-03-19 cacf-2ab_1024x1024 2x jpg (WEBP Image, 1500 × 1500 pixels) — Scaled
Screenshot_2022-03-19 pacf-2ab_1024x1024 2x jpg (WEBP Image, 2000 × 2000 pixels) — Scaled

We have been using Children's ACF for years. We love it! It is a fantastic herbal and nutritional combination that is immune boosting as well as an antimicrobial (bacteria, fungus, virus). Children's ACF should only be used when there's an immune challenge (an infection). Antimicrobials should not to be taken as a preventative because we want to keep your good bacteria alive.

Once again, another terrific product from Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients. This one has nutrients and herbal medicine that boost immune function. This combination can be taken on an ongoing basis, or when additional immune challenges are expected.

This delicious (yes, that is sarcasm) combination of nutrients & herbals include immune boosters & antimicrobials. Perfect for those times when bacteria, viruses, and/or fungi are getting the better of us. We have recommended this to hundreds of patients. ACF should not be taken when you're healthy because it kills good bacteria as well as bad. Unlike antibiotics, ACF is not immunosuppressive. You should take probiotics during and after taking ACF.

Screenshot_2022-03-19 btld-bottle-1 2020_1024x1024 2x jpg (WEBP Image, 1458 × 1500 pixels)

This nutritional and herbal combination boost the immune system without killing microbes, so it's safe and very helpful to use full-time.

Vital for health in so many ways, vitamin D helps the immune system, bone density, hormonal regulation, bowel health. K is essential for bone health and blood clotting.

Screenshot_2022-03-19 btbcc-2ab_1024x1024 2x jpg (WEBP Image, 2048 × 2048 pixels) — Scaled

Essential for life, this B complex has methlyfolate and methylcobalamin, both easy for our bodies to use.

Screenshot_2022-03-19 e8acf-2ab_1024x1024 2x jpg (WEBP Image, 1500 × 1500 pixels) — Scaled

Elderberry, the great immune booster, with some extra help.


Ora's All Purpose Salve has all the great ingredients to sooth, and to speed up repair.


When a baby's bottom needs to be as smooth as a baby's bottom, naturally. Compared with the Newborn Salve, the Baby Salve has more repairing herbs.


For when babies of all ages need their skin to be dry, and comfortable, and healthy, and smooth.


Very soothing for very new skin.

intraMAX 32oz r3.jpg
unsweetened 32oz r3.jpg
intraKID 32oz r3.jpg

IntraMax is among the  very best multi/superfoods. Everyone we know who takes it, feels great on it. Here's the purchase code: MUR1220

This one is unsweetened. The purchase code: MUR1220

We looked high and low for a good children's multi/superfood. Most of them are garbage! Then we found IntraKid. We like it a lot. Purchase code: MUR1220

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